This section is part of the Bibliocraft & Add-ons mod by Nuchaz.

Tape Measure (Bibliocraft)Edit

The Tape Measure is an item added by the Bibliocraft & Add-ons mod. It can be used to measure distances in Minecraft and has two different modes of operation. Right-clicking the Tape Measure with no block selected will toggle between the two modes.

  • Absolute Measurement Mode is the default mode, and will return the distance (to the nearest block/meter) between any two blocks the player right-clicks in succession. This mode can be used on straight or diagonal distances.
  • Individual Measurement Mode will return separate measurements for each direction (North, South, East, West, and height) in blocks/meters. Dimensions will only be returned if the distance is greater than zero.

As of v1.4.0, using the Tape Measure will also place down a marker pole on the block selected (if space permits) and will display the distance between it and the player below the player's crosshair. The distance is updated in real-time, and will change as the player moves away or towards the market pole.

The Tape Measure is a two-part crafting process, requiring a Tape Reel to be crafted first.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Tape Reel

Dandelion Yellow x1

String x8

Tape Measure

Tape Reel x1

Iron Ingot x4

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