Seed Soup
Mod HarvestCraft
Type Food
Hungry Mode Stats
Meal Class Unfulfilling Light Meal
Hunger Filled 1.5 haunches
Well-Fed 45s
Stackable Yes (8)

This section is part of the HarvestCraft mod by MatrexsVigil & Rhodox.

Seed Soup (HarvestCraft)Edit

Seed Soup is a food item that can be crafted by combining any seed, Stock, and a Pot in a crafting grid.

Well-Fed BoostEdit

In Hungry mode of the Life in the Woods modpack, eating Seed Soup will temporarily give the player the Well-Fed status effect which will boost health regen by 33%.

Crafting RecipesEdit

EmptyGrid EmptyGrid EmptyGrid
EmptyGrid Seeds EmptyGrid Resultarrow Seedsoup
EmptyGrid Potitem Stock
Accepted seed substitutes are: Artichoke Seed, Asparagus Seed, Bamboo Shoot Seed, Barley Seed, Bean Seed, Beet Seed, Bellpepper Seed, Blackberry Seed, Blueberry Seed, Broccoli Seed, Brussel Sprout Seed, Cabbage Seed, Cactus Fruit Seed, Candleberry Seed, Cantaloupe Seed, Cauliflower Seed, Celery Seed, Chili Pepper Seed, Coffee Seed, Corn Seed, Cranberry Seed, Cucumber Seed, Eggplant Seed, Garlic Seed, Ginger Seed, Grape Seed, Kiwi Seed, Leek Seed, Lettuce Seed, Melon Seed, Mustard Seed, Oats Seed, Okra Seed, Onion Seed, Parsnip Seed, Peanut Seed, Pea Seed, Pineapple Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Raspberry Seed, Rhubarb Seed, Rice Seed, Rye Seed, Seaweed Seed, Soybean Seed, Spiceleaf Seed, Strawberry Seed, and Sunflower Seed, Sweet Potato Seed, Tea Seed, Tomato Seed, Turnip Seed, Winter Squash Seed, and Zucchini Seed.


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