This section is part of the HarvestCraft mod by MatrexsVigil & Rhodox.

Saucepan (HarvestCraft)Edit

Mod HarvestCraft
Type Tools
Durability N/A
Renewable No
Stackable No
 The Saucepan is a cooking tool added by the HarvestCraft mod.

A Saucepan is required to craft several food recipes from HarvestCraft, including Butter.

The recipes that use a Saucepan are listed below.

Crafting RecipesEdit

IronIngot EmptyGrid EmptyGrid
Stick EmptyGrid EmptyGrid Resultarrow Saucepanitem
EmptyGrid EmptyGrid EmptyGrid

Saucepan RecipesEdit

The following food recipes require a SaucepanBraised Onions, Butter, Candied Ginger, Candied Lemon, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Candied Walnuts, Caramel, Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Strawberry, Cranberry Sauce, Creamed Corn, Curry Rice, Custard, Ginger Chicken, Glazed Carrots, Gummy Bears, Herb Butter Parsnips, Jelly, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Orange Chicken, Peppermint, Poached Pear, Scrambled Egg, Soft Pretzel, Spaghetti, Spicy Greens, Spicy Mustard Pork, Taffy.

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