This section is part of the Oceancraft mod by thomassu.

Oysters (OceanCraft)Edit

Oysters are special blocks added by the Oceancraft mod. 

They generate in the world rarely, and can be found underwater. When attacked by a player, oysters have a chance to drop a White Pearl (or very rarely) a Black Pearl.

Black and White Pearls can be used to craft a Water Pearl. There are two separate recipes, one for each colored Pearl, and the Water Pearl crafted as a result will be more potent (black pearl) or less potent (white pearl) but the effect itself is the same.

Water PearlsEdit

A Water Pearl can be crafted with 4 seaweed and either a white or black pearl. Water Pearls give buffs such as water breathing and night vision when consumed.

Crafting Recipes

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Water Pearl (white)
WaterPearl low

Seaweed x4

White Pearl x1

Water Pearl (black)
WaterPearl high

Seaweed x4

Black Pearl x1