This section is part of the Bibliocraft & Add-ons mod by Nuchaz.

Map Frames (Bibliocraft)Edit

The Map Frame is an alternative to Item Frames in vanilla Minecraft, and enables the player to create seamless large maps on a solid surface by displaying individual Maps in side-by-side Map Frames.

Map Frames can be placed on floors, walls, or ceilings. Once placed inside a Map Frame, the Map can be rotated by sneak+clicking with an empty hand. Maps can be removed from the Map Frame by right-clicking on it while holding the Screw Gun.

Drafting CompassEdit

Map Frames allow Waypoints to be added to vanilla Maps using the Drafting Compass. Simply right-click on a Map inside a Map Frame to add a Waypoint to the Map. This will open a GUI that allows you to name your Waypoint and select the pin color.

Once added, the Waypoint can be changed or removed by right-clicking on the Waypoint Pin again with the Drafting Compass.

Right-clicking on a Waypoint Pin with an empty hand (or any item other than a compass) will list the name and coordinates of the Waypoint as message in the chat box.

Waypoint CompassEdit

Once a Waypoint is created, the player can use a Waypoint Compass to lead them directly to the Waypoint's position in the world. There are 2 ways to set a destination for a Waypoint Compass to point to.

  1. Right-clicking on a Waypoint pin on a Map will save the Waypoint's coordinates to the Waypoint Compass. Once the coordinates are set, right-clicking on an empty block with the Waypoint Compass will display the destination coordinates as a message in the chat box.
  2. Sneak+right-clicking with the Waypoint Compass will open a GUI that allows the player to enter destination coordinates manually. Upon hitting 'Accept' the destination will be saved and the Waypoint Compass will direct the player towards it.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Map Frame

Stick x8

Wood Slab x1

Drafting Compass

Iron Ingot x3

Stick x2

Waypoint Compass

Compass x1

Gold Ingot x4

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