Name Image Dyes Given Other Items Given
Apache Dwarf Mistletoe
Artist's Conk Mushroom Powder, Fermented Spider Eye
Climbing Cactus Cactus Green Cactus Powder, Medium Green Foliage
Creeping Mistletoe Dandelion Yellow
Crimson Cattleya Magenta Dye
Cuthbert's Dendrobium Orange Dye
Fish Bone Cactus Rose Red
Fragrant Fern Cactus Green Small Green Foliage
Harlequin Mistletoe Fire
King Orchid Light gray Dye
Large Foot Dendrobium Light gray Dye
Lantern of the Forest Cactus Green
Common Mistletoe Cactus Green
Sulphur Shelf Mushroom Powder, Fermented Spider Eye
Tampa Butterfly Orchid Dandelion Yellow
Tillandsia Ionatha Pink Dye
Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, Fermented Spider Eye
Wildfire Orange Dye Wildfire

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