This section is part of the Oceancraft mod by thomassu.

Coral (OceanCraft) (OceanCraft)Edit

Coral is added by the Oceancraft mod. It randomly generates in the world in Ocean and Deep Ocean biomes. When broken with a fist, the Coral entity breaks into pieces of Coral. The pieces of Coral can then be smelted in a furnace to craft Coral Ingots.

Coral Ingots are used to craft Coral Tools and Armor, as well as the Coral Block.

Coral BlockEdit

A Coral Block is an easy way to store Coral Ingots, and can be crafting by placing 9 Coral Ingots in a crafting grid. Placing the Coral Block back into the crafting grid will return the 9 Coral Ingots.

Coral ToolsEdit

Coral Ingots can be crafted into a Coral Pickaxe, Coral Shovel, Coral Hoe, Coral Axe, and Coral Sword. Coral weapons share the same durability and attack strength as their Iron counterparts.

Coral ArmorEdit

Coral Ingots can also be crafted into armor, such as a Coral Helmet, Coral Chestplate, Coral Leggings, and Coral Boots. Coral armor shares the same durability and protection value as their Iron counterparts.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Coral Block
Coral Ingot x9
Coral Shovel

Coral Ingot x1

Stick x2

Coral Hoe

Coral Ingot x2

Stick x2

Coral Sword

Coral Ingot x2

Stick x1

Coral Axe

Coral Ingot x3

Stick x2

Coral Pickaxe

Coral Ingot x3

Stick x2

Coral Helmet
Coral Ingot x5
Coral Chestpiece
Coral Ingot x8
Coral Leggings
Coral Ingot x7
Coral Boots
Coral Ingot x4

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