This section is part of the Carpenter's Blocks mod by Mineshopper.

Carpenter's Slope (Carpenter's Blocks)EditEdit

The Carpenter's Slopes (also known as Wedge Slopes) are angular blocks that can be altered to match the texture and properties of any block by right-clicking on them with the selected block.

  • Left-click with the Carpenter's Hammer to rotate Slopes in four directions.
  • Right-click with the Carpenter's Hammer to cycle through the available designs for Slopes.
  • When holding the Carpenter's Slope, the player can also use the mouse scroll-wheel while sneaking to cycle through the available designs without placing down the block first.

Carpenter's Slopes are available in 19 different styles.

Crafting RecipesEditEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients

Wedge Slope x6


Stick x3

Carpenter's Block x3


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