This section is part of the Carpenter's Blocks mod by Mineshopper.

Carpenter's Bed (Carpenter's Blocks)

The Carpenter's Bed is a Bed that can accept any type of block as a cover to replace the wooden legs and headboard. The bedspread can also be dyed or altered, allowing for greater customization.

Carpenter's Bed

The wooden legs and headboard can be replaced by right-clicking on them with the block you intend to use. As a Bed is a two-block long structure, you can use a different texture on each block if you wish. Dyeing the bedding will cause both blocks to share the same texture.

Changing the Bedding

The bedspread on a Carpenter's Bed can be changed in two different ways. One method uses a Dye, and the other uses the Carpenter's Hammer.

  • Right-clicking on the bedding with a colored Dye will dye the bedding to match its respective color.
  • Using the Carpenter's Hammer, the player can left-click or right-click on the bed to cycle through any of 6 preset patterns available for the bedding. Additional or custom patterns can be added from the mod folder.

Crafting Recipes

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Carpenter's Bed

Wool Block x3

Carpenter's Block x3