This section is part of the Carpenter's Blocks mod by Mineshopper.

Carpenter's Barrier / Carpenter's Gate (Carpenter's Blocks)Edit

Carpenter's Barriers and Carpenter's Gates are variations on the Fences and Fence Gates from vanilla Minecraft. Like all Carpenter's Blocks, they will accept any type of block as a cover by right-clicking the Barrier or Gate with it, and inherit the appearance and properties of the block used.

Carpenter's BarrierEdit

Carpenter's Barriers are, in function, the same as a Fence in vanilla Minecraft. Barriers have four different styles, which can be toggled between by right-clicking the Barrier with the Carpenter's Hammer.

Barriers will have the same style as a vanilla Fence by default, but individual fence posts do not show. Instead, Barriers have a connected texture, creating an extended Fence with no posts between the corners. Individual posts can be shown by left-clicking on the Barrier while holding the Carpenter's Hammer.

When the Carpenter's Barrier is in vanilla Fence mode, the player can change the width of the planks by sneak+right-clicking while holding the Carpenter's Hammer.

Carpenter's GateEdit

The Carpenter's Gate is the equivalent of a vanilla Fence Gate, and works well with the Carpenter's Barrier. As with all Carpenter's Blocks, it can be covered with any block found in Minecraft.

When placed, the Carpenter's Gate will display the vanilla Fence Gate design, but there are four styles in total. These styles are same as the ones available for the Carpenter's Barrier, and if a barrier is adjacent, the Carpenter's Gate will automatically shift styles to match it.

You can cycle through the different styles by right-clicking on the Gate with the Carpenter's Hammer.

Disconnecting and Reconnecting Carpenter's BarriersEdit

A Carpenter's Barrier block can be disconnected to adjacent non-barrier blocks by left-clicking on the Barrier while holding the Carpenter's HammerLeft-clicking on the Barrier again will reconnect the block to a solid adjacent block. This feature is a side-effect of creating individual fence posts.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients
Carpenter's Barrier

Stick x2

Carpenter's Block x2

Carpenter's Gate

Stick x4

Carpenter's Block x2


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