This section is part of the Plant Mega Pack mod by 10paktimbits.

Berry Bushes (Plant Mega Pack)Edit

Berry Bushes are blocks added by world generation from the Plant Mega Pack mod. They are plantable bushes that drop Berries when right-clicked. Breaking a Berry Bush will drop the entire bush, which can then be replanted by right-clicking on grass while holding the bush.

Harvesting BerriesEdit

Berry Bushes can be harvested (right-click) to get Berries. Berries will grow back on the Berry Bushes over time.

NOTE: As of v2.2.0, (the version used in the Life in the Woods mod-pack), there seems to be a bug where Berry Bushes won't show new berries unless the bush is broken and replaced, or if bonemeal is used.

ANOTHER NOTE: If you are not using this version of the Life in the Woods mod-pack, or if you are using this mod in a different pack, harvesting by right-click might be disabled. Replanting also might be disabled. You can still get the berries by breaking the bush with your hand once it's grown.


Item Name Bush Berry Berry (fruit)
Beautyberry Bush Bush Beautyberry Berry Beauty Beautyberry
Blueberry Bush Bush Blueberry Berry Blue Blueberry
Brambleberry Bush Bush Brambleberry Berry Bramble Brambleberry
Orangeberry Bush Bush Orangeberry Berry Orange Orangeberry
Strawberry Bush Bush Strawberry Berry Straw Strawberry

Berries are used in several recipes.